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What is post-hospital care?
Post-hospital care, or transitional care, is a specialized form of healthcare that provides essential support after being discharged from the hospital. This type of care benefits older individuals because it helps to ensure a successful recovery while minimizing the risk of complications.

Hospitalization can be a precarious yet sometimes inevitable situation for seniors. The first month at home after a medical procedure is a critical phase in recovery process. Regrettably many older adults are re-admitted during this period. This happens when patients don't follow the doctor's advice, take their medications incorrectly, or they don't have the proper supports at home. Post-hospital care serves as a safety net, offering the care necessary for individuals to navigate their path to recovery at home.

How does this post-hospital care benefit seniors?
Many seniors face challenges in performing self-care tasks after a hospital stay. They may require assistance to perform basic self-care tasks like washing and dressing or have issues with mobility. This is especially true for seniors who have complex medical needs. Support during this transition home helps to reduce the possibility of complications and re-admission to hospital.

What services do you provide?
At Caring for Seniors our caregivers provide a range of supportive services to aid seniors in their recovery. Personal supports include homemaking, meal preparation, medication reminders, bathing and grooming assistance, dressing support, oral hygiene care, mealtime assistance, mobility support, and toileting care. These services are essential in facilitating the recovery and overall health of seniors after a hospital stay.

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